Surgical Packs

  • Disposable C-section Pack

    Disposable C-section PackC-Section hole drape: 1pc Instrument table cover: 1pc Surgical gown: 2pcs Baby wrapper: 1pcs Baby umbilical cord protective drape: 1bag

  • Disposable Ophthalmic Pack

    Disposable Ophthalmic Pack• Hole drape: 1pc • Gauze: 5pcs • Cotton swab: 10pcs • Cotton ball: 4pcs • Medicine cup: 1pc • Remedy drape: 3pcs • Head drape: 2pcs • Wrapper drape: 5pcs

  • Disposable Laparotomy Pack

    Disposable Laparotomy Pack• Laparotomy hole drape: 1pc • Middle drape: 2pcs • Instrument table cover: 1pc • Instrument dish cover: 1pc • Surgical gown: 2pcs • Wrapper drape: 1pc

  • Disposable Extremity Pack

    Disposable Extremity PackDisposable Extremity Pack • Extremity hole drape: 1pc • Orthopedic middle drape: 1pc • Leg cover: 1pc • Instrument dish cover: 1pc • Instrument table cover: 2pc • Wrapper cloth: 1pc

  • Disposable Hip Pack

    Disposable Hip PackDisposable Hip Pack • Table cover: 1pc • Surgical gown: 3pcs • Hand towel: 2pcs • U-drape: 1pc • Stockinette: 1pc • Mayo cover: 1pc • Suture bag: 1pc • Hip drape: 1pc

  • Disposable Eye Drape Pack

    Disposable Eye Drape PackDisposable Eye Drape Pack • SMS wrap: 1pc • Eye drape with pouch: 1pcs

  • Disposable ENT Pack

    Disposable ENT PackDisposable EENT Packs IV • Table cover: 1pc • Head drape: 1pc • EENT split drape: 1pc • Mayo cover: 1pc • Suture bag: 1pc

  • Disposable Laparoscopy Pack

    Disposable Laparoscopy PackDisposable Laparoscopy Pack • Table cover: 1pc • Mayo cover: 1pc • Hand towel: 4pcs • Surgical gown: 2pcs • Laparoscopy drape: 1pcs

  • Disposable Laparoscopic Perineal Pack

    Disposable Laparoscopic Perineal PackDisposable Laparoscopic Perineal Pack • SMS wrap: 1 pc • Legging: 2 pcs • Lap perineal: 1 pc

  • Disposable Arthroscopy Pack

    Disposable Arthroscopy PackDisposable Arthroscopy Pack • SMS wrap: 1 pc • Arthroscopy drap: 1 pc

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