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Current situation of cutting robot in China
- Aug 28, 2017 -

China's cutting robot in the production practice in the narrow field of application (mainly in the automotive industry, aerospace industry) neurosurgical instruments, the application scale and abroad compared to the larger gap. The reason: First of all, the overall level of industrial robots in China and the international advanced level there is a certain gap, has not yet formed its own robot industry, from the existing robot products, there are varieties of specifications, Secondly, the application of cutting robot in China started late, making it easy to understand the knowledge of the structure, control technology and programming method suitable for the cutting operation robot. In this paper, In addition to the current situation in China, with the robot to replace the original human work, once the investment is bound to take into account the risk of output rate of return to the popularity of the application and therefore how much Will face a certain resistance. So that all aspects of unsatisfactory, resulting in most of our manufacturing industry business and still use a lot of traditional production methods. This situation on the one hand restricts the relevant industry's own technological progress and product quality improvement, on the other hand also led to China's independent design and production of cutting robot practical and industrialization of the pace of slow, modern cutting robot only long-term dependence on imports, Almost monopolized by foreign companies. Just a few years ago, Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition, people have been able to clearly feel: China's future welding and cutting robot huge market potential to attract global robot manufacturers are concerned, but also the more To be more divided by them and monopoly.