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Good teeth or porcelain teeth good?
- Aug 28, 2017 -

Planted dentures also known as planting teeth. Refers to the use of can be compatible with the jaw gangs and can be punctured by the teeth of the material made of teeth, a part of the (jaw local) planted to the jaw or jaw surface, and then another part (oral cavity) Repair into teeth. Used to repair the traditional denture difficult to repair the difficult cases, in order to achieve the goal of rebuilding masticatory function. Today, the most widely used is the titanium alloy surface sprayed bioactive glass ceramics, because the bio-active glass pottery equipment with excellent biocompatibility, chemical stability and high mechanical strength, is the ideal planting material. Planting teeth can be classified from all aspects. According to the material can be divided into metal plant species, ceramic plant species, carbon species plant, polymer polymer plant and composite plant species. Can also be divided according to their required number of planting operations into a implanted plant and the second implanted plant species. According to the position of the plant in the restoration structure, it can be divided into free end plant, semi-waist seed and whole jaw. According to the material made of the form is divided into cylindrical, leafy, anchor and other plant species. Generally more to plant the body to deepen the level of organic gang will be divided into the mucosal planted species, periosteum planted, root canal planted species and bone plant species and so on. Commonly used planting system has a surgical implant and two surgical planting species, a stage planting system abutment and planting species for a direct convergence of the group, the base directly into the mouth; secondary planting base and planting is not A preconceived group, but to be planted with the surrounding circumcision directly after the bridge, and then cut the visceral membrane of the base station with surgery.