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Medical device product innovation and more
- Aug 28, 2017 -

Medical device product innovation comes from the clinical needs, enterprises and clinical close integration into product innovation. The future development of orthopedic industry on the one hand from the new materials, on the other hand from the intelligent production. With the development of digital production technology, the future 3D digital orthopedics will be high-speed development to meet the clinical individualization, precision, minimally invasive , The need for remote. Digital orthopedic applications include: clinical orthopedic digital anatomy (three-dimensional reconstruction), surgical planning of the skeletal model and simulation surgery, for accurate operation of the three-dimensional printing guide, the production of personalized implant and orthopedic surgery robot and so on. As the level of industry technology continues to mature, the policy will gradually liberalize and develop appropriate regulatory rules.

     Innovation, integration is the development of local orthopedic small and medium enterprises.