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Surgical instrument disinfection process
- Aug 28, 2017 -

The day before using the scalpel, remove the blade after the initial cleaning, has been soaked in the enzyme overnight. Orthopedic equipment manufacturers staff to work, they will remove the scalpel from the enzyme solution, sent to the hospital disinfection supply center. When entering the first door of the disinfection supply center, the staff should first wash their hands with disinfectant, wear protective clothing, wear masks, hats, gloves and transparent masks, put on water boots. At the transfer window, the staff stood outside the window, the scalpel from the green basket out, through the window to the scalpel to the decontamination area staff. After receiving the equipment, the staff first control the number of signs, the number of inventory, check the correct after the formal reception, and make a record.

After hand washing into the automatic cleaning machine before cleaning, the staff according to the equipment of the material, the degree of precision classification. The scalpel was put together, and the single sheared was placed on a stent, showing a semi-separate state, so that it was for a greater degree of cleaning. Subsequently, the scalpel first manually rinse with water, and then use ultrasound plus enzyme washing, through the vibration of the scalpel on the horns of the dirt all cleared out. After the ultrasonic washing, the device into the automatic washing machine. In the washing machine, the need for rinsing, enzymolysis, rinsing, and then the final rinse with pure water.