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Surgical instruments commonly used in neurosurgery
- Aug 28, 2017 -

As with other neurosurgical procedures, the suction tube is a very important tool in the operation of craniocerebral injury. Its function includes the removal of the surgical field of blood, keep the clean surgical field, looking for bleeding, cut the brain tissue, remove the hematoma, remove the inactivated broken brain tissue, to help explore the cranial brain surface, dry pressure in the gelatin Sponge on the cotton sheet, to help stop bleeding. In the process of attracting the tube, the adjustment of the attraction is of vital importance. Generally in the cut when the scalp can be used to attract coarse tube, the attraction can be stronger, is conducive to the scalp to stop bleeding. And in the brain operation should be replaced by a smaller suction tube, and according to the different objects to attract attraction. Clear extracapsular hematoma when the attraction can be larger, but should not use strong attraction to absorb tight adhesion in the dura mater on the small blood clots; suction brain cotton in the water, the attraction can be larger. In direct operation on the brain tissue, the attraction should be adjusted to the suction tube can only absorb water and blood and can not absorb the brain tissue, blood vessels and nerves. In all operations it is best to keep the tube under the cotton sheet protection. In the removal of inactivated brain tissue aspiration can not be too much, so as not to damage the normal brain tissue and cerebrovascular. The adjustment of the attraction can be adjusted by the adjustment of the wall attractor or by the opening of the side wall of the suction pipe.