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Whether the hair will have side effects
- Aug 28, 2017 -

Although the surgery is also surgery, but because the surgery is more special, although the orthopedic equipment manufacturers seem to operate in the head, in fact, only related to the scalp skin follicle transplantation, will not hurt the body's blood vessels and nerves, so the hair is not on the human body Hurt.

Of course, as a surgical operation, trauma or there will be, but the modern traceless hair technology has been very mature, surgical instruments less than 1 mm in diameter, such as the size of the tip, the trauma after surgery is minimal, not Will leave a clear scar, so also known as no trace of hair surgery. Seamless surgery does not require surgery and suture, the human body even more harm.

Although the operation of the human body without injury, but the hair effect can be very different. The same is a surgical operation, a professional hospital can protect the hair follicle survival rate of 95% or more, transplanted hair follicles basically all survived, the wound is very small, natural hair growth, and some technology is not compliance with the hospital.