• Patient Gown

    Patient GownDisposable patient gowns are made of PP or SMS, offers half nontransparent complete coverage. There are no sleevers type or half sleeves, with ties on waist. It is suitable for both staff and patients.

  • Disposable Ophthalmic Pack

    Disposable Ophthalmic Pack• Hole drape: 1pc • Gauze: 5pcs • Cotton swab: 10pcs • Cotton ball: 4pcs • Medicine cup: 1pc • Remedy drape: 3pcs • Head drape: 2pcs • Wrapper drape: 5pcs

  • Disposable Laparotomy Pack

    Disposable Laparotomy Pack• Laparotomy hole drape: 1pc • Middle drape: 2pcs • Instrument table cover: 1pc • Instrument dish cover: 1pc • Surgical gown: 2pcs • Wrapper drape: 1pc

  • Disposable Extremity Pack

    Disposable Extremity PackDisposable Extremity Pack • Extremity hole drape: 1pc • Orthopedic middle drape: 1pc • Leg cover: 1pc • Instrument dish cover: 1pc • Instrument table cover: 2pc • Wrapper cloth: 1pc

  • Disposable Hip Pack

    Disposable Hip PackDisposable Hip Pack • Table cover: 1pc • Surgical gown: 3pcs • Hand towel: 2pcs • U-drape: 1pc • Stockinette: 1pc • Mayo cover: 1pc • Suture bag: 1pc • Hip drape: 1pc

  • Disposable Eye Drape Pack

    Disposable Eye Drape PackDisposable Eye Drape Pack • SMS wrap: 1pc • Eye drape with pouch: 1pcs

  • Disposable ENT Pack

    Disposable ENT PackDisposable EENT Packs IV • Table cover: 1pc • Head drape: 1pc • EENT split drape: 1pc • Mayo cover: 1pc • Suture bag: 1pc

  • Disposable Laparoscopy Pack

    Disposable Laparoscopy PackDisposable Laparoscopy Pack • Table cover: 1pc • Mayo cover: 1pc • Hand towel: 4pcs • Surgical gown: 2pcs • Laparoscopy drape: 1pcs

  • Disposable Laparoscopic Perineal Pack

    Disposable Laparoscopic Perineal PackDisposable Laparoscopic Perineal Pack • SMS wrap: 1 pc • Legging: 2 pcs • Lap perineal: 1 pc

  • Disposable Arthroscopy Pack

    Disposable Arthroscopy PackDisposable Arthroscopy Pack • SMS wrap: 1 pc • Arthroscopy drap: 1 pc

  • Nitrile Examination Gloves

    Nitrile Examination GlovesNitrile Examination Gloves 》100% latex free-made from durable,puncture resistant, protein and powder- free nitrile, eliminates the type I allergic reaction associated with natural rubber latex 》Highly elastic and super soft 》Rolled rim to facillitate easy...

  • Latex Surgical Gloves

    Latex Surgical GlovesLatex Surgical Gloves 》Made form natural rubber latex and compounding materials safe for use in medical gloves 》Curved finger, anatomic shape for comfortable fit and prevention of fatigue 》Safe grip finish with textured surface 》Thinner wall at finger tips...