• Latex Examination Gloves

    Latex Examination GlovesLatex Examination Gloves 》Made form natural rubber latex and compounding materials safefor use in medical gloves 》Latex film provides excellent flexibility and tear resistant 》Rolled cuffed for extra cuff strength, easier donning and increased protection...Read More

  • Aperture Adhesive Plaster

    Aperture Adhesive PlasterAperture Adhesive plaster 》Good air permeability and moisture penetrability and fixing firmly, strong suitability, and convenient to apply 》Strong adhesive property, good moisture penetrability, does not affect normal function of skin 》The curing plaster...Read More

  • Zinc Oxide Adhesive Plaster

    Zinc Oxide Adhesive PlasterZinc oxide adhesive plaster ●Strong adhesiveness, excellent compliance and no residue glue ●Easy to store, long storage life and convenient for usage ●Basis material, like, elastic or waterproof available ●Various packaging forms: tinned plate tin, plastic...Read More

  • Absorbent Gauze Roll

    Absorbent Gauze RollAbsorbent Gauze Roll 》100% cotton gauze, high absorbency 》Folding edge or non-folding edge available 》Different mesh and packing are available 》Layer: 1ply, 2ply, 4plyRead More

  • Surgical Gauze Swab

    Surgical Gauze SwabSurgical Gauze Swab 》Made from superior cotton yarn 》Absorption rate faster (less than 10 seconds) 》Better tending capacity 》SterilizedRead More

  • Abdominal Pads

    Abdominal PadsAbdominal Pads 》Abdominal pads are made of wood pulp, cellulose paper,hydrophilic fabric and water repellent cloth 》The multiple layers quickly absorb the disperse fluids and prevent bleeding the multiple 》The hydrophobic fabric back prevents blood and...Read More

  • Blood Collection Needle Holders

    Blood Collection Needle HoldersBlood Collection Needle Holders 》Offers an effective way to collect blood while reducing the possib-ility of needle stick injuries 》The patented shielding device allows you to cover the needle im-mediately upon withdrawal from the vein 》Compatible with...Read More

  • Venous Blood Collection Needle

    Venous Blood Collection NeedleVenous Blood Collection Needle 》Advanced tip grinding technology to ensure that the sharp tip canreduce the puncture pain 》High-quality raw materials to ensure product quality 》Automatic purification of injection molding equipment to ensure thesafety of...Read More

  • Lumbar Puncture Needle

    Lumbar Puncture NeedleLumbar Puncture Needle 》Smooth flow with minimum insertion trauma 》Totally atraumatic spinal needle with quince bevel 》Used for regional anaesthesia 》Extra sharp needle edge to minimize trauma to the dura during puncture and virtually no damage of spinal...Read More

  • IV Cathetersy

    IV CathetersyIV Cathetersy 》100% latex free-made from durable,puncture resistant, protein and powder- free nitrile, eliminates the Type I allergic reaction associated with natural rubber latex 》Highly elastic and super soft 》Rolled rim to facillitate easy donning...Read More

  • Disposable Insulin Pen Needles

    Disposable Insulin Pen NeedlesDisposable Insulin Pen Needles 》Compatible with all available pen models 》Optimum treatment with maximum simplicity 》Sterile, Non­toxic, Non­pyrogenic 》Double point system 》Patient Point with triple beveling for easy and atraumatic 》Cartridge point...Read More

  • Insullin Syringe

    Insullin SyringeInsulin Syringe 》Clear scale, can control the medicine easily 》Exquisite design needle, can decrease puncture force to the skin, and ensure smooth injection and maximize patient’s comfort 》The special safety cap can avoid nurse’s hands being hurt 》Simple...Read More